H uman  R esource  C ompanion
can accurately process
1000 employees’
payroll in just
2 minutes!

HRC … is simply outsmarting TIME!

Human Resource Companion (HRC)

Human Resource Companion (HRC) is built to function as digital assistant for HR professionals to manage repeatable HR functions such as employee information management, leave approvals and management, payroll calculation and such. HRC as we simply call it, will let HR managers to focus more on strategic work with the information and data more available in the organization.

The Key Benefits of using HRC System:

  • Proudly Philippine made, support and assistance are within your reach
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Simple interface, users can easily adapt
  • Accurate payroll calculation
  • Supports multiple shifts
  • HRC Core Functions
    HRC Optional Modules
    When we say All-in-One, we mean it. Easily integrate other useful modules and 3rd party enterprise applications to HRC.

    Recruitment System

    • Recruitment process should be easy and simple, with our optional Recruitment System.

    • Easily manage your applications records and applicant database.

    • Highly configurable and flexible to suit your recruitment process.

    Manhour System

    • Easily manage project-based employees shift and man-hours with our optional Manhour System.

    • Easily track your project-based employees schedule and task with this user-friendly tool.

    • Highly configurable and flexible to suit your business process.

    HRC Mobile Timekeeping System

    • With HRC Mobile Timekeeping System, easily adopts your timekeeping process with our mobile and web application timekeeping.

    • Best suits with your work-from-home employees or on-site new policy regarding timekeeping.

    • Secure and accurate timekeeping for your new normal business timekeeping process.

    HRC Labor Cost (HLC)

    • Easily integrate HRC to your 3rd party accounting applications to sync payroll expenses to your accounting system.

    • Compatible with almost all enterprise 3rd party accounting software.
    Labor Cost

    HRC Business Intelligence (BI)

    • Empower HRC raw data and drive profitability and dramatically reduce HR cost with HRC BI.

    • Create dashboarding and reporting tool that is customizable and suits your business needs and requirements.

    Clinic System

    • Easily manage medicine inventory and employee records with our simple and user-friendly Clinic System.

    • Flexible and highly customizable that best suits your business process requirements.

    Attendance Monitoring System

    • Realtime attendance capturing of specific location in your workplace.

    • Easily integrate it with HRC to capture the real time attendance logs of each employee for each specified location to minimize over-break and other related timekeeping issues.

    • Best suits for Manufacturing production lines, Retail lines, BPO, and more.
    attendance monitoring

    Customer Journey
    This is our proven project management methodology that guides our clients throughout the deployment phase. We ensure that we meet the target go-live and the data are accurate.


    Fit-Grap Analysis

    Process & Policy Understanding & Confirmation


    Payroll Calculation

    Payroll Calculation Accuracy


    Data Setup & Preparation

    Data Completeness and Accuracy


    User Training

    Operation Know-How & Concept Understanding


    User Acceptance

    Actual Business Scenarios Checking & Confirmation


    Go-Live/Parallel Run

    Comparison checking, Variance Justification & Fine Tuning


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