Descriptive Analytics & BI Tool Online Traning

by n-pax

Posted on 2021-05-09

May 26 - 27, 2021

1:30 PM to 4:00 pm


Greetings from N-PAX!

In November 2020, N-PAX have entered into a business partnership agreement with WingArc 1st Co., Ltd., which provides the top market share solution in Japan in the field of BI and data utilization.

Therefore N-PAX starts to provide "N-PAX BI CLOUD powered by MotionBoard" services that enable visualization, integration, and analysis in cloud using information of Excel data and databases in existing systems that you already have.

MotionBoard is BI dashboard tool which has been implemented in more than 2,000 companies overseas to improve operation productivity, monitor operation and so on.


We hold free 2days online training that covers an Introduction to Descriptive Analytics Course and N-PAX BI CLOUD powered by MotionBoard (BI dashboard tool) Training Course.

After this training, participants can avail one-month N-PAX BI CLOUD free trial.

We sincerely look forward to the participation who look for consolidating data, dashboarding, and implementing BI tools.


Date: May 26 - 27 2021

Day 1  1:30pm-4pm

Day 2  1:30pm-4pm

Location: Online (Webex)

Language: English

Cost: Free

Capacity: will cease accepting applications once the limit is reached.

* Participation in this training will be in the order of application.

* To register, please send inquiry thru CONTACT US


Course Outline:


   1. Introduction to Descriptive Analytics

   2. Types of Data & Levels of Measurements

   3. Organizing, Formatting and Processing of Data

   4. Introduction to Data Visualization

   5. Dashboard Creation using MotionBoard

       - Introduction to MotionBoard

       - Navigating MotionBoard

       - Creating Dashboard File

       - Importing Data

       - Creating Charts


   1. Dashboard Creation using MotionBoard Continuation

       - Adding Chart Filters

       - Manage Data Relationship

       - Editing/Beautifying Charts

       - Import SQL Server Data

   2.  Hands-On Exercises

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Press Release: N-PAX Philippines, Inc Partnership with WingArc1st

by N-PAX

Posted on 2020-11-09

A new partnership with N-PAX Philippines, Inc., the Philippines-based Software Company – WingArc1st provides MotionBoard to be embedded in human resource management system as well as data analytics and training services

TOKYO, November 2020 -- WingArc1st Inc. (WingArc1st), the Data Empowerment Company, today announced that WingArc Singapore Pte. Ltd., a local subsidiary in Singapore, and N-PAX Philippines, Inc. (N-PAX), Philippines-based software company, have entered into a business partnership agreement.

With this agreement, “MotionBoard”, a BI (Business Intelligence) tool provided by WingArc1st, will be embedded to human resource management system “Human Resource Companion (HRC)” and data analytics and training service “Advanced Analytics” that are provided mainly in the Philippines by N-PAX.

Headquartered in Tokyo, WingArc1st develops and distributes products that manage to hold top market share in Japan for Business Form Infrastructure Solutions as well as the Data Empowerment Business with BI tools.

 Expanding their businesses overseas, WingArc1st has always regarded as one of the growth strategies. They have established WingArc Shanghai Inc. in 2009, WingArc Singapore Pte.Ltd. in 2014 and they have also acquired “Space-Time Research,” a company based in Australia specializing in BI tools for Australian Bureau of Statistics, in order to strengthen their businesses in Asia-Pacific.

N-PAX was established in the Philippines in 2002. Partnered with various global companies, they have been developing and distributing software products mainly for the Philippines and United States. Human resource management system “Human Resource Companion (HRC)” and enterprise resource planning system “N-XPERT Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)” in particular have been chosen by a large number of corporations.

With Advanced Analytics department, which was newly established in 2019, N-PAX aims to provide skills to properly explain and visualize data, and the ability to analyze any given situations correctly and to construct hypothesis for further improvement in any given sites, targeting all users.

MotionBoard will be used as the dashboard building tool. The dashboard will be used to analyze data possessed by corporations. MotionBoard will also be used to create models for hypothesis testing, to automatically link business data with, as well as to provide data analysis trainings.

WingArc1st will contribute to the N-PAX’s mission to “provide high quality IT services and innovative software products for the customers” and will support N-PAX’s business in the Philippines market as a data empowerment company.


MotionBoard visualizes data of HRC



Jun Tanaka, CEO, WingArc1st Inc.

We are very pleased to have forged a partnership with N-PAX, who has impressive achievement records for implementing data utilization solutions in the Philippines. We feel confident that innovative value will be born when N-PAX’s expertise comes together with our technology. We are hoping that our MotionBoard will contribute to N-PAX’s business as well as DX promotion in the Philippines.

Takahiro Toda, President and CEO, N-PAX Philippines, Inc.

We are very pleased with the business partnership with WingArc1st. A huge amount of data is being generated day by day from corporate activities and our mission is to turn data into value. We are certain that N-PAX’s Advanced Analytics department and MotionBoard by WingArc1st will help a great number of our customers.


About N-PAX Philippines, Inc.

Company Name: N-PAX Philippines, Inc

Established in 2002

President: Takahiro Toda

Business Overview: Development and sales of BtoB software including human resource management system, enterprise resource planning system as well as consulting services, such as providing comprehensive support related to data utilization for corporations.


Contact on Products and Services:

WingArc1st Inc.

Roppongi Grand Tower, 3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6235

TEL03-5962-7300  FAX03-5962-7301


Inquiry on This Press Release:

WingArc1st Inc. PR team: Yamamoto, Nakatani, Iisaka, Furusho

TEL+81-90-5391-1510 (Yamamoto)  +81-80-3006-2396 (Furusho)


*Company names and products names enlisted in this Press Release are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

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Capital Participation of B-EN-G to N-PAX Cebu

by N-Pax

Posted on 2020-09-29

Business Engineering Co., Ltd. “B-EN-G” headed by its President, Masanori Osawa, established a partnership with N-PAX Cebu a subsidiary of N-PAX Philippines, Inc. N-PAX Cebu’s main business area is in the development and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Human Resource Companion (HRC) systems mainly in the Philippine Market.

The partnership has started in December 2017, when N-PAX Philippines, Inc. and Toyo Business Engineering Singapore, collaborate to introduce to the market a global accounting system McframeGA. The two companies are led by N-PAX’s President and CEO Mr. Takahiro Toda and B-EN-G Singapore’s Managing Director Mr. Motoshi Yamashita. These new capital ventures of Business Engineering Co. Ltd. “B-EN-G” with N-PAX Cebu will strengthen further the relationship between B-EN-G and N-PAX. Over the last seven years the Philippine GDP continues to grow with an annual growth of 6%, with this economic trend and the expertise of N-PAX in systems implementation of ERP, accounting and HR systems, sales and market share of McframeGA is expected to grow. N-PAX Cebu will also strengthen its technical support and sales from B-EN-G head office.

Business Engineering Co., Ltd. is a business engineering company with abundant experience centering on ERP, ranging from IT planning, business consulting for BPR implementation, IT introduction consulting to system construction services and operation services. In addition, we have accumulated achievements in global expansion support with five overseas subsidiaries in China (Shanghai), Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and the United States, and partners around the world.

In Photo from left: Motoshi Yamashita (B-EN-G Singapore MD), Wilson Ng (N-Pax CFO), Takahiro Toda (N-Pax CEO), Masanori Osawa (B-EN-G CEO), Jimmy Flores (N-pax EVP), and Ken Kitai (SEO, B-EN-G Global Business).

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by N-Pax

Posted on 2020-09-29

N-PAX was one of the exhibitors in the recently concluded Philippine HR Congress 2019 held last 22nd and 23rd of August at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Philippines

One of the highlights of the event was the HR Tech Talk entitled Intersecting Crossroads of IT Solutions. Our very own Mr. Vernon Oro, General Manager of the HRC Division was invited to grace the session to talk about the importance of technology in the Human Resource Department.

Mr. Vernon Oro emphasized that technology in HR is already ingrained in their process from recruitment to retirement, and now is the time to harness data that are already there for key decision making process.

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