Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence what is it about and its uses

by Mary Antoinette T. Arzadon

Posted on 2020-09-01

In a nutshell, Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence wherein machines are trained through the use data and analyze it to produce an output. The input data that can be fed to a system can be as simple as providing a set of features to define what an object is or as complex as a recommendation algorithm that gather users’ behaviour overtime to push information relevant to them as used by businesses for marketing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is very broad and it means the ability of a computer program to think and act like humans. Computer applications or machines can be programmed to simulate human intelligence, such popular examples are Siri and Alexa. You may have been using Artificial Intelligence in your everyday life and may not even realize it. Many may not be aware when using Social Media applications that an application may already be studying how you use the internet and already providing predictive analysis on what information you may need next time you login to your social media accounts.

Other practical applications of Machine Learning and AI are:


  • Navigation Tools such as WAZE, you may have notice that at certain times in the day while you travel, the mobile app already asked you whether you are already going to the usual place you go to everyday like work,
  • Online Transformation Network such Grab or Uber, where the application already provides you with the fare cost based on traffic and cost surge at a certain point in the day:
  • Personalization on Social Media, where Newsfeed are already defined based on your interest by how and what you usually view when using the application:
  • Face Recognition, you upload a photo of you and your friends in your Facebook account and the application already suggested who your friends are to tag
  • Chatbot Customer Support, you find yourself inquiring about a product or you might need some help, in some instances the answers to your queries are already being answered by a robot trained to respond to questions that were already learned from previous customer inquiries.
  • Fraud Detection, machine learning is now being used to secure internet transactions. Machine Learning is being used to detect money laundering through a sophisticated algorithm.


These are some of the practical applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The difference of using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence from a normal software application is that the output and the system response is not programmed by Engineers but rather it learn based on algorithm and data analysis.

There are still a number of potential uses of Machine Learning and AI and may of these have not been just practical for everyday lives but also proves to solve a lot of business challenges.

Have you got any business challenges that you wanted to solve by ML or AI?

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